Privacy Policy - Harmoniq Audio IVS

1. Basics:

This pageshows what personal data we collect, how we collect personal data, your rights, etc.

We only collect personal data in cases where this should be relevant to us, and we willonly collect personal data if it is relevant to your activity at Harmoniq AudioIVS

When collecting, processing and using your personal data, we always comply with all relevant legal provisions. We will only store your personal data as long as we are either subject to a legal obligation to do so, or as long as it is relevant to the purpose for which they were collected.

2. Information we collect, for what purpose and for what legal basis:

If you wish to purchase and receive a product or service from us, we need to collect certain personal data in order to complete the transaction and to be able to offer you our services.

In connection with purchases from Harmoniq Audio IVS, you will enter a number of personal information, including in particular:

• Name
• Address
• Delivery address
• Email address
• Phone number
• Payment details
• Order information

When you visit, we collect information about which IP address you use, browser type, network location, operating system and information about what kind of device you visit www.harmoniqaudio.dkfrom.

  • The purpose of this is to optimize your experience as a user and visitor at addition, we also use this information to be able to target our marketing on mainly Google, Facebook and Instagram - among others. with retargeting ads. We do all this in order to improve and to showrelevant offers for you online with the goal of improving our sales.
  • The legalbasis for the processing is Article 6 of the EU Personal Data Regulation. 1, Litra f.

As written under point 1, you provide the following information to us when you buy products on or communicate with us: Your name, your address, your e-mail address, your telephone number, your payment information and order information. In addition, we also receive information about which products you have shown interest in, time of purchase and whether you have returned goods.

  • The purpose of this is that we must be able to deliver the goods or services that you have bought and paid for at, and thus comply with our part of our purchase agreement.
  • In addition, it serves the purpose that we can live up to current legislation on accounting and bookkeeping. To prevent fraud, we also register your IP address.
  • The legalbasis for the processing is Article 6 of the EU Personal Data Regulation. 1, letters b, c and f.

When you signup for our newsletter, we collect this information about you: Name, e-mail address, how you signed up (Facebook,, IP address, favorite e-mail client, opening rate, which e-mails you read from us + continuity and possibly purchase history.

  • The purpose of this is that we can deliver relevant newsletters with, among other things, offers or guides and thereby sell goods to you, to take care of your own interests in that connection.
  • The legalbasis for the processing is Article 6 of the EU Personal Data Regulation. 1,letters litra f.

Subscribing to our newsletter is voluntary, and anyone can unsubscribe again at any time at the bottom of any newsletter. You can, among other things, register in connection with a discount code on the INSERT WEBSITE, a competition onFacebook or as a final part of a purchase. In this connection, we receive information about you, which we then compare with other types of information we have about you.

  • The purpose of this is that we can thus manage your membership on our newsletters, while we provide targeted marketing of members via both email and Facebook.
  • The legalbasis for the processing is Article 6 of the EU Personal Data Regulation. 1, letters b and f.

3. The data controller

The data responsible for the collection, processing and use of your personal information on is:

Harmoniq Audio IVS
Karen Blixens Boulevard 21
8220 Brabrand, Danmark
CVR: 40089764

4. Other recipients of personal data

We do not sell your personal data to third parties and we do not transfer your personal data to third countries.

We host our website at, which acts as our data processor. All personal datathat you provide on our website will be stored in data centers.

We use external companies as suppliers to deliver our services in the best possible way. These external suppliers are data processors and in some cases process personal data in connection with their provision of services to us. Our data processors only process personal data in accordance with our instructions and in accordance with the legal requirements for data processors.

When you place an order on we pass on some of your information to partners in order to have your order sent. This applies to GLS and PackageLabels. GLS works for us as a carrier, while Pakkelabels assists the delivery, as they connect Harmoniq Audio IVS with the carrier. In addition, in rare cases of direct delivery or complaints, manufacturers and suppliers may also be required to have your personal data information provided.

5. Your rights

As the registered person, you have a number of rights, which we must ensure fulfillment at all times. You have the right to request us the following:

  • To accessand have your personal data corrected / changed
  • To have personal data deleted

In addition, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and you have the right to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority.

If you no longer wish us to process your personal data, or that we limit the processing of your personal data, you can also send us a request to this effect to our e-mail address:

6. Deletion of personal data:

Information about your use of the website, cf. section 2.1, will be deleted at the latest when you have not used it for a year.

Theinformation we have collected about you in connection with subscribing to our newsletter, we will not delete until you revoke your consent, unless we have a legitimate basis for continuing to store them.

Information we have collected in connection with a purchase on, cf. item 2, will in principle be deleted 2 years after the end of the calendar year in which you have made your purchase. However, these can also be stored for a longer period of time if we have a legitimate need for longer storage, eg. if it is necessary for legal claims to be determined, asserted or defended, or if storage is necessary to meet legal requirements. Accounting material is stored for 5 years until the end of a financial year to meet the requirements of the Accounting Act.

7. Security:

Yoursecurity of your personal information is very close to us. For this reason, we have taken a large number of appropriate and security measures so that the risk of your personal information being illegally or accidentally altered, lost, degraded or against unauthorized access to or misuse of your information is minimized.

Only employees of Harmoniq Audio IVS with a real need have access to your personal information.

As written, Harmoniq Audio IVS is data responsible for the personal information and personal data that we collect via the website.

8. Contact information:

If you havecomments or want answers to questions regarding this personal data policy,please feel free to contact us here:

Harmoniq Audio IVS
Karen Blixens Boulevard 21, 8220
Phonenumber: 28192386

9. Changes:

If our personal data policy changes, you will be informed when you visit next time.

10. Version:

This personal data policy is version 1 of Harmoniq Audio IVS, dated 05-11-2020.